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European nations accelerate alongside America in the programmatic race

Posted by admin 9 hours ago News — Press releaseMay 20th 2015. The last twelve months show significant growth in the programmatic marketplace thanks to broader adoption of programmatic buying on all channels around the globe, according to the new Advertising Intelligence Report from Turn, the digital hub for marketers. As brands and agencies embrace programmatic, the landscape for mobile and video has seen increased spending and Read More
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Programmatic marketplace growing significantly says Turn

Posted by admin 9 hours ago News — Mobile and video ad spend increasingTurn, the digital marketing hub, has released its Advertising Intelligence Index report which reveals data-driven marketing trends worldwide. Overall, the last twelve months is shows significant growth in the programmatic marketplace. This is probably due to broader adoption of programmatic buying on all channels globally. Mobile and video advertising has se Read More
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Another one nearly bites the dust

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Another smartwatch that is …With the advent of the Apple Watch (iWatch), here at GoMo Towers we thought we ought to put the previous generations of smartwatches through their paces. AFter all, you can’t seriously comment on the failings of the cheerleader for wearable technology is you haven’t tried the competition. We seem to have [...] Read More
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Vodafone UK hints at recruitment drive

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — May need more bodies to deliver Ready BusinessVodafone UK has effectively admitted it might well be on a serious recruitment drive if its new offering - Ready Business, turns out to be successful. Ready Business is being marketed as a service which should enable businesses of any size - SMEs as well as multinationals deal with "an increasingly complex business environment." The service has gone l Read More
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Mojio introduces its Connected Car Challenge

Posted by admin 9 days ago News — Taking place @ AppsWorld North America HackathonResearchers are predicting that by 2020, there will be nearly 250 million internet of things [IoT] connected cars driving on the roads. Naturally, these newly connected drivers will be searching for exciting ways to enhance their experience behind the wheel. Which is, of course, where mobile apps come in. There are plenty of simple fuel consumption Read More
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GSA confirms 360 LTE networks commercially launched by Q1 2015

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — Strong growth in LTE-Advanced and VoLTE deploymentsPress release January 7th 2015. 360 operators have commercially launched LTE networks and service in 124 countries, according to data released by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) in the latest update of the Evolution to LTE report. 96 LTE networks were launched in 2014. The most widely used spectrum for LTE network deployments continues Read More
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Marks & Sparks admits to Net blunders

Posted by admin 11 days ago News — Then claims it is UK's most digital-savvy retailerIn a somewhat revealing interview with the UK newspaper - The Sunday Telegraph, Marks & Sparks' [Marks & Spencer's] director for multichannel, Laura Wade-Gery, made some startling admissions about the leading retailer's online performance. For example, after spending £150 million rebuilding the Marks & Spencer web site, the company exp Read More
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Over 27% of global online transactions are now on mobile devices says Adyen

Posted by admin 15 days ago News — The USA shows strong growth to 26.7%, while the UK leads the way at 44.4%Press releaseApril 30th 2015. Adyen, the global payments technology company, has published its quarterly Mobile Payments Index (MPI), which tracks mobile payment data from web-based transactions across Adyen's customer base. Online payments made using mobile devices continues to rise globally according to the findings, now a Read More
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