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Apple Watch could face competition from Band

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Will Cupertino really shift 21 million Watches in 12 months?Recently, Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald in the USA predicted that Apple would sell some 21 million Watches in 12 months. Which seems a rather optimistic prediction given that the iWatch only works with specific Apple iPhones.  Whereas the opposition is promoting fairly hardware agnostic wearable technology. Earlier in March [2015], Mi Read More
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EE missing marketing trick with Car Wifi

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — Taxi drivers obvious targets for Buzzard 2Whilst visiting our local EE retail store, GoMo News happened to spot a leaflet designed to promote the Brit MNO's [Mobile Network Operator's] own label mobile Wi-fi hotspot device called simply the Buzzard 2 aka Car Wifi. From the text and the advert illustrations, it is clear that the Brit 4G MNO is intending to target families with this device. The ty Read More
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Guest Post: Wearable technology app usage trends

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — Mobidia's Chris Hill looks @ wearable app usage trends in Q4 '14With the Apple's Watch and Microsoft's Band now available for pre-order, my company Mobidia Technology, thought it would be interesting to see what apps wearable users are likely to download and get the most use out of on their wrist. Given there are a large number of Android compatible smartwatches ( such as Motorola’s Moto 360) a Read More
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Sure may hold the key to MH370 mystery

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — The GSM MNO which covers Diego Garcia that isHere at GoMo Towers when we were browsing the Daily Telegraph web site recently, we spotted an article written one year after the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Entitled 'MH370 one year on: everything you need to know', naturally it was a roundup of the most popular conspiracy theories. Reading through them we were struck by how conv Read More
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Schmidt claims Google Glass isn’t dead after all

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — It just smells funny *Like most industry observers, when it became apparent that Google had stopped selling its AR [Augmented Reality] spectacles - Google Glass, GoMo News took that as meaning the project was dead. (See 'You’re too late to buy a Google Glass'). Not so, apparently. Multiple sources are now quoting an interview given to the Wall Street Journal by Google's executive chairman - Erich Read More
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Microsoft Band tech info

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — Wearable bracelet with smartwatch-like capabilities Full Technical SpecificationsSupported mobile devices: Windows Phone 8.1 update with Bluetooth; iOS 7.1 or later (iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) & Android 4.3 - 4.4  with BluetoothConnectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy)Battery life: 48 hours of normal use; advanced functionality like GPS use will impact battery performance Continue readin Read More
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GoMo News reader rails @ AdMobix

Posted by admin 8 days ago News — Wingoads trying to get $2,000 refundAs probably the only truly independent news sites around covering the mobile advertising arena, Alex Lane of WingoAds contacted GoMo News out of frustration over his dealings with programic mobile specialists, AdMobix. Lane seems especially angry with AdMobix' CEO, Kent Keilback who he accuses of refusing to contact his company (Wingoads). Mr Lane also alleges Read More
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UK budget would boost Brit IoT research

Posted by admin 12 days ago News — We're not quite sure what 'Intelligent Mobility' isOver here in Blighty [UK], the existing British Chancellor - George Osborne, has committed a future Conservative-led government to invest a whole pile of dosh in what it is calling 'Intelligent Mobility'. We're not quite sure what that term encompasses. However, the UK government reckons it focuses on "enhancing the development of driverless car Read More
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