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Apple Watch to cause havoc for traffic cops

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — The laws saying nothing about tapping your wristWhen the Apple Watch finally hits the streets, there's a grave danger that it could cause havoc for traffic cops. Currently the situation is pretty straightforward. In countries where the use of mobile handsets (particularly holding it to your ear) is banned, the Watch might prove to be an excellent way of getting around the rules and regulations. A Read More
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Android could be under threat from EU bureaucrats

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — Europe gunning for search engine giant - GoogleThe European Union (EU) has a history of taking on high tech giants (almost inevitably US based) and - after long and protracted battles - winning. It's happened to the likes of Microsoft and Intel before. And now, it seems, it is the turn of Google - best known as a search engine giant. However, in the mobile world the company holds great sway thank Read More
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Guest Post: The mobile screen revolution

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — by Seth MacIntosh, a tech blogger & big poker fanRevolution may seem like a strong word to use when describing the impact that mobile screens have had on the world, but when you look at how much computing has changed, it starts to make sense. Even our idea of what constitutes a computer has been irreversibly altered and we're moving forward in a way that few could have predicted just a fe Read More
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Apple needs to talk to Seiko over kinetic tech

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — Licensing the technology could cure Watch battery problemsOver recent weeks, it has become obvious to even the hardiest Apple fanbois that when it finally arrives, the Watch will almost certainly not last anything like the 18 hours the company claims its battery will last for for general usage. The figure of 18 hours is arrived at by Apple  from tests conducted back in March [2015], where an Appl Read More
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Medium contacts GoMo News over missing MH370 airliner

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — Uses Internet rather than the EtherIn a comment to our article 'Sure may hold the key to MH370 mystery', a person calling him/herself the '7B Messenger' has come up with yet another theory as to why wreckage from the Malaysian flight MH370 has never been found, GoMo News received a communication from a spiritualist medium. Rather than using the Ether to pass this message on, however, 7B posted a Read More
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New report finds over 60% of all in-game revenues are generated by only 0.23% of players

Posted by admin 17 days ago News — Is the mobile games business getting smarter?Swrve releases 2015 mobile monetization report covering 20 million players of free mobile gamesAverage monthly spend increased 33% from 2014Press releaseApril 9th 2015. Swrve , the world leader in mobile marketing automation, has announced the results of its latest 2015 Mobile Monetisation report. The just-published report reveals that free-to-play gam Read More
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Google may be talking to Three as MVNO

Posted by admin 20 days ago News — Believable rumours of our timeThe was a report (here)  in the UK newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph, that the British arm of Three - Three [3UK] (owned by Hutchison Whampoa) is having talks with the powers-that-be at Google HQ. The reason? Well, Three is taking pride is the fact that it is providing free roaming to its existing subscribers in 18 geographies where it has a presence of its own.  (See Read More
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MS-DOS Mobile is real app but no OS

Posted by admin 24 days ago News — The joke could well be on the Microsoft Lumia team!Whilst most news sites fell hook-line-and-sinker [completely] for the MS-DOS Mobile for Nokia Lumia phones announcement, GoMo News knew that it was really a joke. [See 'MS-DOS Mobile for Lumia revealed'.] The reality is that the MS-DOS app does exist but only currently runs on Windows Phone 8 handsets. Which is why it wouldn't download onto our o Read More
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