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Bizzby wants to be the Uber of handymen discovery

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Better move fast to fend off Big Guns, thenIn the Bad Old Days [BODs], if you had a great bit of software, you only had to worry about one deadly foe - Microsoft. Nowadays, mobile entrepreneurs have multiple potentially lethal competitors. The list includes Google, Amazon and Apple. Plus possibly Microsoft, still. And the only major escapee to date is Uber. So what do you do? Well, if you are Roh Read More
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Sky’s Emma Lloyd on ad-tech start ups

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Only work with them if click with Sky Media & marketing group she saysA really interesting interview with mobile industry veteran, Emma Lloyd, recently caught our eye in the Sunday Telegraph. GoMo News, of course, has a long history of interaction (See 'Bye Bye BT Movio') with Ms Lloyd who currently runs the show as Sky’s director of business development and partnerships. The comment which dr Read More
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Counterfeit handsets present major challenge to African MNOs

Posted by admin 8 days ago News — Luckily Mobilethink believes it has the ideal solutionThe use of cloned or counterfeit mobile handsets is a problem which MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] in mature markets can afford to ignore. But that's not the case in Africa. Such devices may form anything between 10 and 20 per cent of an African operator's device base, according to Mobilethink. A g Read More
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Real-Time Advertising Summit UK ’15

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — [ November 18, 2015 8:00 am to November 19, 2015 6:00 pm. ] Organisers:Active Communications International (ACI)Venue: Thistle Marble ArchLocation: London, UKWeb: hereThe theme of this show is the quickly evolving programmatic landscape. This is ACI's second annual Real-Time Advertising Summit in London. It will bring together t Read More
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Google & Microsoft agree to end their patent battle

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — Dr Aaltonen diagnoses boredom with pursuit of the pointlessIt seems that industry giants - Google and Microsoft, have finally agreed to end their respective patent battle.According to Dr Aleksi Aaltonen, an assistant professor of information systems with Warwick Business School, commented, "Patent battles are business as usual for tech giants that use them for various purposes. Lawsuits are used Read More
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Italian MVNO CoopVoce driving new revenues with Spirent Tweakker

Posted by admin 8 days ago News — OTA configuration settings to MVNO's growing BYOD fleet gets shoppers online in secondsPress releaseSeptember 30th 2015. Spirent Communications' device intelligence business unit (Tweakker) has announced that it has won a service contract from CoopVoce, one of the largest mobile virtual network operators [MVNOs] in Italy to provide its Tweakker solution . This will provide over-the-air (OTA) de Read More
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Comment on iPhone 6s’ release today

Posted by admin 13 days ago News —'s Abby Francis on 3D Touch, Live Photos and memory upgradeAs Apple fanbois worldwide wait eagerly in queues [lines] today [September 25th 2015] to purchase the very latest Apple smartphone - the iPhone 6s, Abby Francis - mobiles expert with has been kind enough to share her views on this product release with us. The main new features she highlights include 3D Touch; fr Read More
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Unlucky EE Power Bar users get lucky

Posted by admin 17 days ago News — EE offers E1-6 possessors £20 voucherIt seems that leading British MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, is more than a little anxious for its customers to return a batch of potentially unsafe mobile power chargers. Known as Power Bars, the batch in question have "Model No: E106" written down their side. These devices "could pose a fire safety risk ", the operator says. So, in order to entice the fe Read More
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