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Air of disbelief greets EU roaming news

Posted by admin 8 hours ago News — Will the charges definitely disappear in 2 yrs time? It seems that data roaming charges will be abolished within the European Union [EU] by June 2017, according yesterday's [June 30th 2015] announcement from EU regulators. Not everyone is convinced that the end is definite. uSwitch.comtelecoms expert, Ernest Doku, commented, "It's early days and, like the debates over scrapping EU roaming charges Read More
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35p EE Power Bar won’t work with our Moto G

Posted by admin 1 day 8 hours ago News — But then the UK MVNO doesn't range this handsetOn the very first day [June 24th 2015] that EE made its second batch of 'Power Bar' mobile device chargers available to consumers, GoMo News managed to rush into the Epsom EE phone store and claims its Bar. Obviously we'll be accused of nit-picking but for some reason best known to itself, when EE sent us the code to claim our 'free' unit, it cost us Read More
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Invert colours setting screws Android screen appearance

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — No need for a new Motorola handset displayWow. Close call. Our loan Motorola Moto G handset suddenly developed a massive usability fault. The smartphone became almost impossible to use because the screen's background colour had mysteriously changed outright from black to white. So it was nigh [nearly] impossible to see what was happening on the smartphone's screen. Here at GoMo Towers, we tried Read More
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Microsoft to end Outlook Andriod app support pre ICS/4.0

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — Beast of Redmond slips back into its old waysIt seems that Microsoft is planning to end support for the old version of its Outlook app for Android on handsets which cannot run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. This is due to happen on on July 31st [2015]. So it's a jolly good idea for consumers to ensure that their Android handsets are running Version 1.2.23 of the Outlook which is the Read More
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Glasto goers are able to get ‘free’ Power Bar early

Posted by admin 8 days ago News — Just text Festival to 3650 and get one earlyThere's nothing like a good story to flush out the real truth. As we said in our original story 'Glasto fans have no chance of a free EE charger', ''We're sure that EE has, in fact, got a great counter to our allegations." Indeed, the company has a really good one. Anyone attending the UK's Glastonbury music festival has actually been able to obtain the Read More
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Glasto fans have no chance of a free EE charger

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — Left hand oblivious to what right hand is doingHere at GoMo Towers we are big fans of MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] hooking up with music festival organisers to promote their brands. And the UK's EE is no exception. Especially since the company sponsors the iconic British music festival - Glastonbury. But the company appears to have just shot itself in the foot over its promotion of a mobile de Read More
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42 Votes Vote launches free tool for upcoming Ofcom changes

Posted by admin 13 days ago News — Press ReleaseJune 9th 2015. With [UK comms regulator's] Ofcoms new regulations for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses using NGNS (Non Geographic number services) coming into force on 1st July [2015], organisations must prepare now to clearly display on their advertising the cost of the call to consumers, says To make this process as smooth as possible, has crea Read More
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Home is where the signal isn’t

Posted by admin 13 days ago News — 40% of Brits living with mobile phone blackspotsGlobal Wireless Solutions' mammoth study of wireless connectivity in UK homes combines data from extensive programme of engineering-level testing inside properties with results from nationwide poll1 in 14 calls fail during in-home testing of EE's voice network in London - only 1 in 174 test calls failed on highly reliable O2 voice networkAll of the Read More
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