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Fuel cells to put India MNO on cutting edge technology

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — GoMo News suspects the MNO in question is Ascend TelecomA UK based company, Intelligent Energy, has apparently struck a deal to deploy its fuel cell technology to power cellular base stations in India, according to a recent report in The Sunday Telegraph. The deal will make India the first country to deploy this cutting-edge technology within the cellular industry. Intelligent Energy will appar Read More
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Mobile ad veteran Tessier joins adsquare

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — Organiser of MobileDrinks & AppDaysMobile ad industry veteran, Vincent Tessier has joined adsquare as vp for demand partnerships. With more than 10 years of experience in media and mobile, Vincent has been prominent on French digital landscape since the early 2000s - having worked at AOL, Cellfish Media, Trademob and most recently LAPLACEMEDIA. “Very few companies are able to offer what ads Read More
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Invisible mobile ads could increase demand for adblocking

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — AdBlock Plus has found way of offering its Adblock browser for Android on Google PlayAccording to Ben Williams, head of operations with Adblock Plus, a recent study from Forensiq focused on fraud detection revealed that thousands of mobile applications in both Google and Apple's apps stores misled marketers. They did so by loading invisible adverts that cannot be seen by users, and in doing so co Read More
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UK imprisons 30 per annum over propaganda theft

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — Pay up for the Beeb licence or elseShocking statistics have emerged on how the UK government persecutes those who refuse to pay their annual subscription fee for its propaganda arm - the BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation], otherwise known as the Beeb. Curiously it seems that women are the most reluctant to pay for their indoctrination. Seventy per cent of 178,300 people prosecuted in 2013 wer Read More
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Integrate + API World 2015

Posted by admin 15 days ago News — [ September 28, 2015 8:00 am to September 30, 2015 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: DevNetworkVenue: Santa Clara Convention CentreLocation: Santa Clara, USAWeb: www.integratecon.comRegistration: hereClaiming to be the largest conference 100 per cent focused on integrating technologies, with 3,000 plus attendees, is Integrate + API World 2015. Participating companies include Google, Facebook, IBM, HP, Linke Read More
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5G revenues to kick in by 2025 says Juniper

Posted by admin 16 days ago News — Predicts they'll be worth $65bn globallyA healthy adoption rate for 5G services has been predicted by British market analyst,  Juniper Research. The new report '5G Market Strategies: 4G LTE Evolution, Spectrum Analysis & Opportunities 2015-2025,' forecasts with service revenues set to exceed $65 billion by 2025. That's compared to just $100 million during its first year of commercial service Read More
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GoMo accidentally places bet using Payforit

Posted by admin 17 days ago News — Pen in pocket bets with i.wintheprize.ukHere at GoMo Towers, we'd have to recommend opting out your handset from the UK's Payforit mobile payment service at present. That's because we appear to have placed a bet whilst driving along. Which means the pen in our pocket managed to bet £8 with When we tried to track down the operator of this service, we had a great deal of trouble. Read More
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Mobile-geddon – The everyday essentials facing death by smartphone

Posted by admin 18 days ago News — Revealed: 10 essential tools set to be replaced by phones in next decadeKeys, pocket mirrors and TV remotes to disappear by 2025The new Swiss Army Knife: phones are now the ultimate multi-tool - expert says Press releaseThe march of the smartphone means the number will be up for alarm clocks, keys, pocket mirrors and TV remotes by the end of the decade. That's the verdict of futurist Dr Ian Pears Read More
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