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MGF Seattle 2014

Posted by admin 6 hours ago News — [ October 21, 2014 9:00 am to October 23, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Mobile Games Forum Seattle 2014Organisers: Osney MediaVenue: Bell Harbor International Conference CentreLocation: Seattle, USAWeb: www.mgfseattle.comHashtag: #MGF2014Register hereThe first Seattle event will showcase insights and innovation from leading studios, publishers, ad networks, marketing and distribution experts. It will also high Read More
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Microsoft kills off MSN Messenger

Posted by admin 1 day 6 hours ago News — Bows to fact that apps are now key to IM popularityIt appears that Microsoft has decided to call a complete halt to its legacy IM [Instant Messaging] service which started out life as MSN Messenger and eventually mutated into Windows Live Messenger. The company seems to be bowing to harsh realities. MSN got its boost because it was bundled with the Windows OS. Today, it is the mobile apps which d Read More
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Mobile apps must make privacy a priority survey reveals

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — Press releaseAugust 29th 2014. Four out of ten mobile users admit they would not download an app just because of privacy concerns, according to the findings of a new survey, while a third believe apps are getting more and more invasive. The new poll from Apadmi, the UK's leading mobile app developer, shows that the public attitude is hardening against apps that place excessive demands on users. T Read More
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Tech Trailblazers awards announce Firestarter Bursary for non-VC Funded early stage startups

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — New deadline of September 19th 2014 to reflect new categories of IoT and FinTech Press releaseAugust 29th 2014 - The highly successful Tech Trailblazers Awards today announced a new bursary for early stage non VC backed startups, the Firestarter program. This has being created to ensure that entry fees are not a barrier for the new lean startups who are still securing major funding from VCs. T Read More
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Firefox barking up right tree with Intex Cloud FX

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — Should prove ideal upgrade for Indian featurephone users says UpstreamMozilla and Intex have just launched the first Firefox OS phone in India. It's called the Intex Cloud FX and costing just 1,999 Rs (£19.90). The device is aimed at emerging markets consumers who are looking to upgrade from a featurephone to their first smartphone. The Cloud F''s low price should prove very attractive to thi Read More
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GWS adds app to its network test solutions

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — If-you-can't-beat-em-join-em approach to network testingEven the most established players in the cellular industry can come under pressure from the power of the mobile app, it seems. So taking the if-you-can't-beat-em-join-em approach, Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) is now offering its mobile diagnostic app for Android in the UK. Now GWS has a history of providing cellular network testing and d Read More
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Chinese MVNOs big lure for mobile connectivity firm

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — Tweaker eyes up 25+ MVNOs coming onto Chinese marketAs regular GoMo News will already know, the tide is turning against the established mobile phone makers - such as Samsung and Apple, towards local handset manufacturers in emerging markets. So focusing on China makes a great deal of sense for numerous reasons. Brands like BlackBerry and Apple already have their products made in China under contr Read More
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Forensic expert confirms BlackBerry BB10s are ultra secure

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — Longmere Consultants specialise in recovery of deleted textsMost people believe that once you press the delete button on a mobile telephone, then that text message [SMS] has gone forever . However, according to UK forensic data recovery experts, Longmere Consultants, this is not always the case. The company specialises in recovering deleted texts; photographs; call logs; chat messages; files; an Read More
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