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It’s possible to recover SD files – revisited

Posted by admin 22 hours ago News — GoMo News unimpressed by reader's recommendation of Remo RecoverIt's that time of year again and yet another GoMo News reader accidentally deleted all of the photos stored on his smartphone's SD memory card. Which was a disaster since he'd just returned from a highly enjoyable holiday [vacation] in Italy. Worse still, our reader subsequently took three new photos - which were saved onto the memor Read More
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Touch ID fingerprint scanner coming to iPads soon

Posted by admin 22 hours ago News — Fingerprint scanner is most popular biometric authentication processNew research has shown that eight in ten (79 per cent) of Brits are ready to ditch their passwords in favour of biometric security measures such as fingerprint scanners. It's no surprise to learn that sales of Apple's iPhone 5s have helped make biometrics extremely popular with consumers. These figures were revealed by the Future Read More
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Action demanded on stolen contract phone bills

Posted by admin 22 hours ago News — UK Charity, Citizens Advice, asks for promised 'cap' to materialiseThe UK government has been urged to take action to 'cap' the high bills incurred by subscribers whose contract phones have been stolen. UK Charity, Citizens Advice, says that proposals to prevent subscribers from being asked to pay as much as £17,000 ($29,000) were supposed to have been introduced in Q2 2014. However, Brits are st Read More
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Marley Chant speaker is cool alternative to festival going

Posted by admin 1 day 22 hours ago News — If you can't join 'em beatbox 'emThis weekend GoMo News should really have been in Charlton Park, England attending the WOMAD world music festival. But it just didn't happen. Luckily the House of Marley decided to come to our rescue and cheer us up by loaning us the Chant – a Bluetooth compatible portable speaker. Let's face it – this device looks totally cool right down from its 'REWIND' fabric Read More
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GoMo kind of likes the WOMAD festival app

Posted by admin 2 days ago News — Improvement on previous yearsWe should actually be in a field in Wiltshire right now but circumstances beyond our control meant we haven’t gone to the WOMAD world music festival this year [2014]. Nonetheless we decided to review the events’ Android app anyway. Especially since our gut feeling is that the app is a lot better [...] Read More
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Pollen’s Macmillan comments on app poverty line

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — Possibly 98.4% of developers living on itA recent report - based on research by Vision Mobile, entitled 'Developer Economics Q3 2014: State of the Developer Nation' revealed that many app businesses currently are not sustainable. Crucially, the report found that just 1.6 per cent of developers generate most of the app store revenue. Martin Macmillan, CEO with new FinTech company Pollen, appears Read More
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Opera Mediaworks continues to expand global footprint

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — Acquires apprupt to better serve German marketLeading German player brings depth and breadth to end-to-end platform for publishers and advertisersPress releaseApril 30th 2014Opera Mediaworks, the world's largest mobile advertising platform, has announced the acquisition of apprupt, a leading mobile advertising company in Germany. The deal will expand Opera Mediaworks' reach into the German market Read More
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App marketing costs hit all-time high in June, reports Fiksu

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — Summer month consumer behaviour, coupled with the World Cup and Apple's re-evaluation of rewards-based video advertising made June the most expensive month ever for loyal user acquisitionFrom Casual Connect, San FranciscoPress ReleaseJuly 23rd 2014. For the first time in its four years of analysing mobile app marketing competition and costs, Fiksu reported that its Cost Per Loyal User Index breac Read More
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