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Don’t panic over iOS 9 hack, Mr Mainwearing

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — No major worries says MWR InfoSecurityAs part of its Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty programme, Zerodium has offered up to $3 million for anyone who could prove they've been able to penetrate the defences of Apple's latest mobile OS - iOS9. Without revealing the details (yet), Zerodium revealed in a tweet that it had received a successful entry - reputedly winning a $1 million reward from Zerodi Read More
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UK’s Mobile Infrastructure Plan isn’t working out

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — Rural mast rollout just hasn't happenedIt seems that the UK government's good intentions in aiming to fund the rollout of cellular/4G to remote areas - so-called 'not-spots', just hasn't worked. Known as the Mobile Infrastructure Plan (MIP), the intention was to provide around £150 million of funding to help build some 600 cellular masts. This initiative started some four years ago [2011] but to Read More
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Moto G not ringing notification glitch cleared up

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — Quick chat with Motorola's tech support cures Lollipop upgrade side-effectIt's nice to see that handset vendor, Motorola, is taking its technical support very seriously - and not just for the latest models. Here at GoMo Towers, we ran into a spot of bother after updating out Moto G (second generation) to the Lollipop (5.0) version of the Android OS. In a nutshell, the handset stopped ringing when Read More
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Brain Test malware more cunning than 1st thought

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — Tripwire's Erlin warns of dangersAn app known as Brain Test has been infecting Android phones since August [2015]. Apparently, it pushes unwanted ads onto devices. However, researchers now think the malware may be more advanced than previously thought. According to a report cited by EWeek, the malware installs a rootkit allowing hackers to run an arbitrary code on the infected device. Tim Erlin, Read More
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Battery life is prime concern for phone users

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — Latest research from Protect Your Bubble bad news for AppleAccording to research carried out by mobile phone insurance specialist, Protect Your Bubble, 37 per cent of UK mobile users have noticed their battery life deteriorate dramatically since they acquired their first handset. So, in light of the iPhone 6S 'battery-gate' fiasco - if battery life is what consumers care about, then Apple may be Read More
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ACN’s Flash Wireless selects Tweakker for BYOD play

Posted by admin 40 days ago News — Press releaseOctober 22nd 2015. Spirent Communications' device intelligence business unit Tweakker has announced a US-wide connectivity and device guide agreement with Flash Wireless.  As the wireless division of ACN, the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services, Flash Wireless gives consumers the power to choose from the nation's top networks, contract a Read More
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More Ask Asif answers

Posted by admin 51 days ago News — Here our resident handset expert, Asif Iqbal Shaik, answers readers’ questions.Asif works for the highly respected Indian mobile phone price comparison website – are genuine posts sent to our offices by readers of GoMo NewsPrawin asks …Sir,“Is the Xolo Black good and worthy for 13,000 rupees? Are the customer care and services of Xolo good?”Asif Shaik repli Read More
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Sky’s Emma Lloyd on ad-tech start ups

Posted by admin 56 days ago News — Only work with them if click with Sky Media & marketing group she saysA really interesting interview with mobile industry veteran, Emma Lloyd, recently caught our eye in the Sunday Telegraph. GoMo News, of course, has a long history of interaction (See 'Bye Bye BT Movio') with Ms Lloyd who currently runs the show as Sky’s director of business development and partnerships. The comment which dr Read More
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