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Pokemon Go sets an App Store record for downloads in an opening week

Posted by admin 83 days ago News — Another day, another accolade for Pokemon Go. Even though it was only available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand at the time, the game set a record for most App Store downloads during an app's first week of availability. And Niantic and Co. continue to roll out to more countries. Today, after a brief delay, Pokemon Go was finally launched in Japan.The amount of money being bandied about by Read More
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Prisma officially goes live for Android so you can paint your pics

Posted by admin 83 days ago News — Prisma is an extremely enjoyable app and those on iOS have been getting to have all the fun because the app hasn't been available on Android. We got a bit of a tease last week as the app briefly went live, but now Prisma is officially available for Android and live in the Google Play Store for anyone to install.If you haven't heard of Prisma, the idea of the app is pretty simple: it's a fairly st Read More
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Google cuts file sizes of new app installations and updates, reducing amount of data consumed

Posted by admin 83 days ago News — Listings in the Google Play Store now present an accurate file size for each app and update. Instead of just seeing the APK file size, you will see the actual size to install an app. If you already have the app installed, you will see the actual size of any update. This way, Android users have a better idea about how much storage is being consumed by adding a new app or updating an old one.  Read More
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Pokemon Go for Android is updated; check out the changelist for version .31

Posted by admin 83 days ago News — An update is now available for those Pokemon Go players sporting an Android flavored handset. The only problem is that version .31 of the game is not yet available from the Google Play Store. Version .29 is what you get right now when loading the game from the Play Store. However, if you're good at following directions, you can click on the sourcelink and download the latest version of Pokemon Go Read More
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Waze beta adds reminder not to leave your child in the car

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — At a certain point, it can be somewhat difficult for an app to figure out what new features would be useful additions for users. Or, when you're working towards bigger goals, you may want to find some small changes to show users you're still working until that update gets pushed. It seems like Waze might be in that spot right now.Waze is likely working on some more major changes for its popular n Read More
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Wikipedia app for Android now streamlined and updated with new design

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — Developer: Wikipedia Download: Android Category: Education Price: FreeWikipedia, the free encyclopedia, unveiled an elegant redesign of its Android application. It starts with the new Explore screen that shows up front and center when you open the app. It contains a feed with recommended photos and articles, trending pages, and a randomizer that nets you a random Wiki article.There are other Read More
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Google Drive add-ons now available in the Play Store

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — Google Drive gained its original steam as a streamlined (not to mention free) version of the bloated Microsoft Office productivity suite, so it's not terribly surprising that there may be more advanced features that you may need from your office suite that Google doesn't provide. But, you may have found an answer with a Drive add-on, and now some of those answers are available for Android users.G Read More
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Motorola releases two apps to control Moto Mods on your Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — Motorola launched a couple of apps on the Google Play Store today aimed at users of the Motorola Moto Z Droid and Motorola Moto Z Force Droid. Both new Droid models are Verizon exclusives in the U.S. and were launched today. The two apps help those sporting either model control the Moto Mods modular accessories that magnetically attach to the back of both handsets.The Moto Mods Manager allows you Read More
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Here is how you can score free Pokecoins from the Google Play Store

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — One of the in-app purchases you can make in Pokemon Go is the purchase of Pokecoins. These are used to obtain items like Poke Balls, Incense, Lures, Egg Incubators and more. You can purchase Pokecoins ranging from 100 coins for 99 cents to as many as 14,500 coins for $99.99. With 20 Poke Balls priced at 100 coins, you can see how this game can get expensive if you don't restock for free at a Poke Read More
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Mass transit delays and Wi-Fi Only are coming to the Android version of Google Maps

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — Some changes are rolling out to certain Android users of Google Maps running v9.32. Unfortunately, not everyone is receiving them at the same time. You will know if you are one of the lucky ones if you have the Wi-Fi Only option listed in Settings. Toggle the switch on and the mapping features are no longer connected to a cellular network. The idea is that users can save data by using the app to Read More
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Survey Monkey: Pokemon Go has peaked in the U.S.

Posted by admin 84 days ago News — You knew it couldn't last forever. After a record setting first week in the App Store, and a strong first two weeks on iOS and Android, Pokemon Go is on the wane. At least that is the word from Survey Monkey. The online survey platform says that interest in the AR game is declining in the states. That seems to contradict the anecdotal evidence. With players still roaming the streets like bands of Read More
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